ELAN Version 8.1.401 Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that a new build of the ELAN software is now available on the ELAN dealer website. ELAN 8.1.401 is designed specifically for the gSC series controllers and the ELAN g1.

All gSC2, gSC10 and g1 controllers come with 7.0 as a factory default and must be updated to this software version upon commissioning for proper functionality.

Updates in 8.1.401 include:

  • Support for ELAN Premium Series Video over IP
    • EL-4KPM-VIP-TX
    • EL-4KPM-VIP-RX
  • Fixes & Enhancements (See Release Notes)

Always back up your system prior to updating. ELAN strongly recommends all updates be performed on-site with a hard-wired connection to the system.

Get the 8.1.401 update now on the ELAN dealer website. For more detailed information, please download and read the 8.1.401 Release Notes.