ELAN Software Update: 8.2.300

Software Update: ELAN 8.2.300

Support for New ELAN Surveillance, Thermostats, and more! 

The new release of ELAN 8.2.300 software adds support for the new ELAN Surveillance IP cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) and the new ELAN Thermostats, now available on the Dealer Portal.  This latest software update also provides a new ELAN Alexa driver to support Smart Home Skills, as well as additional device drivers, fixes, and enhancements.  Read on for details.

Now Available from the ELAN Dealer Resource Center
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Features in ELAN 8.2.300

ELAN Surveillance 

  • NEW! Full line of IP cameras and NVRs
  • Easy set-up with ELAN Discovery
  • Exclusive record and playback within the Award-Winning ELAN User Interface

ELAN Thermostats 

  • NEW! ELAN Thermostats designed to balance all aspects of indoor air quality, including Temperature, Humidity, Air Purity and Fresh Air.
  • Find, provision and install the ELAN Wireless Thermostat with just a few clicks using ELAN Discovery
  • Seamlessly integrated into the Award-Winning ELAN User Interface

ELAN Alexa Driver  

  • NEW! ELAN Alexa driver now supports Smart Home Skills
  • Use Alexa to directly control attached Lighting, HVAC, Door Locks
  • Create Alexa Scenes from ELAN Event Maps to trigger just about everything your ELAN system can control
  • Create Routines in your Alexa App to group Device Commands and Scenes and trigger them with your own custom phrasing

Device Drivers 

  • Somfy UAI Plus
  • Somfy MyLink
  • Bose SoundTouch (Update)

Fixes and Enhancements.  Please see release notes for details. 

Log-in and Download ELAN 8.2.300 Today

New Products Supported by ELAN 8.2.300

ELAN Surveillance

Security & Control Together: Learn the ELAN difference with IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) that auto-discover and auto-configure to simplify installation and save time.   See how ELAN IP Surveillance cameras excel in every residential application.  With full control of both the NVR and cameras from within the ELAN user interface, no other surveillance systems can match this level of control integration.

ELAN Thermostats

Climate Control from ELAN: ELAN Wi-Fi Thermostats feature ELAN Discovery (auto-discover / auto-configure) saving you time by simplifying the installation process. Both the EL-TSTAT-8820 and EL-TSTAT-8810 deliver precision temperature accuracy, remote access, and scheduling to save energy.  The 8820, with its large back-lit touch screen, also enables easy control of humidity, fresh air and air purity.