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ELAN Software Update: 8.2.300

Software Update: ELAN 8.2.300

Support for New ELAN Surveillance, Thermostats, and more! 

The new release of ELAN 8.2.300 software adds support for the new ELAN Surveillance IP cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) and the new ELAN Thermostats, now available on the Dealer Portal.  This latest software update also provides a new ELAN Alexa driver to support Smart Home Skills, as well as additional device drivers, fixes, and enhancements.  Read on for details.

Now Available from the ELAN Dealer Resource Center
Log-in and Download ELAN 8.2.300 Today

Features in ELAN 8.2.300

ELAN Surveillance 

  • NEW! Full line of IP cameras and NVRs
  • Easy set-up with ELAN Discovery
  • Exclusive record and playback within the Award-Winning ELAN User Interface

ELAN Thermostats 

  • NEW! ELAN Thermostats designed to balance all aspects of indoor air quality, including Temperature, Humidity, Air Purity and Fresh Air.
  • Find, provision and install the ELAN Wireless Thermostat with just a few clicks using ELAN Discovery
  • Seamlessly integrated into the Award-Winning ELAN User Interface

ELAN Alexa Driver  

  • NEW! ELAN Alexa driver now supports Smart Home Skills
  • Use Alexa to directly control attached Lighting, HVAC, Door Locks
  • Create Alexa Scenes from ELAN Event Maps to trigger just about everything your ELAN system can control
  • Create Routines in your Alexa App to group Device Commands and Scenes and trigger them with your own custom phrasing

Device Drivers 

  • Somfy UAI Plus
  • Somfy MyLink
  • Bose SoundTouch (Update)

Fixes and Enhancements.  Please see release notes for details. 

Log-in and Download ELAN 8.2.300 Today

New Products Supported by ELAN 8.2.300

ELAN Surveillance

Security & Control Together: Learn the ELAN difference with IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) that auto-discover and auto-configure to simplify installation and save time.   See how ELAN IP Surveillance cameras excel in every residential application.  With full control of both the NVR and cameras from within the ELAN user interface, no other surveillance systems can match this level of control integration.

ELAN Thermostats

Climate Control from ELAN: ELAN Wi-Fi Thermostats feature ELAN Discovery (auto-discover / auto-configure) saving you time by simplifying the installation process. Both the EL-TSTAT-8820 and EL-TSTAT-8810 deliver precision temperature accuracy, remote access, and scheduling to save energy.  The 8820, with its large back-lit touch screen, also enables easy control of humidity, fresh air and air purity.

Introducing the new ELAN Seamless Matrix

Introducing: The ELAN Seamless Matrix
Canadian MSRP $2,964.00
One of the highlights on the ELAN “Your World, Made Simple” tour is the new Seamless Matrix. Part of the new ELAN Essentials line, the EL-4KM-VW44 allows up to four video sources to play on a single video display (multi-view) as well as allowing 4 individual video monitors to display a single image (video-wall).
The EL-4KM-VW44 4K HDMI/VGA matrix is the solution you need to offer your clients a truly custom experience. ELAN’s Configuration Software allows the EL-4KM-VW44 matrix to easily be configured for one of its 3 different modes of operation:
  • Multi-view mode with multiple layout options
  • Video wall mode features 3 display options
  • 4×4 seamless matrix switch mode
Options and Ease
Easy to install and set up – thanks to ELAN’s Configuration Software – the Seamless Matrix may also be used stand-alone or with third-party control systems. The web browser interface and multiple control options allow the EL-4KM-VW44 to be used in virtually any of your projects. Control options include front-panel push buttons, IR remote control, RS-232 interface, and TCP/IP.
Multi-view layout options
The Seamless Matrix enables multiple options to configure up to four sources on a single monitor.
Video-wall layout options
The Seamless Matrix enables 2×2, 4×1 or 1×4 video wall solutions.
Seamless Matrix Features
  • 3 Operational Modes:
    • Multi-Viewer with preset layouts
    • Video Wall (2 x 2, 4 x 1, 1 x 4)
    • 4 x 4 Matrix (selected HDMI or VGA Inputs)
  • 4 Video Inputs – Configured as HDMI or VGA with associated L/R analogue audio
  • Seamless Video Switching
  • Supports Industry Standard Video Resolutions
  • HDMI Output Fixed to 1080P at 60Hz
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Advanced EDID Management
  • Supports HDMI 2CH PCM Audio Only
  • IR Routing
  • Web GUI for control and configuration
  • Control via front panel IR, RS-232, and TCP/IP
  • Works seamlessly with ELAN System Controllers

ELAN Version 8.1.401 Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that a new build of the ELAN software is now available on the ELAN dealer website. ELAN 8.1.401 is designed specifically for the gSC series controllers and the ELAN g1.

All gSC2, gSC10 and g1 controllers come with 7.0 as a factory default and must be updated to this software version upon commissioning for proper functionality.

Updates in 8.1.401 include:

  • Support for ELAN Premium Series Video over IP
    • EL-4KPM-VIP-TX
    • EL-4KPM-VIP-RX
  • Fixes & Enhancements (See Release Notes)

Always back up your system prior to updating. ELAN strongly recommends all updates be performed on-site with a hard-wired connection to the system.

Get the 8.1.401 update now on the ELAN dealer website. For more detailed information, please download and read the 8.1.401 Release Notes.

Meet the New ELAN 4K HDMI Line-up



We have begun shipping the new line of ELAN HDMI Matrices and HDBaseT Extenders. These new solutions work seamlessly with ELAN’s current system controllers, for exceptional performance in projects of all sizes. Auto-discovery and simplified configuration reduce set-up time to minutes – not hours – while delivering robust A/V & HDMI distribution throughout the system.

Software Update

With support for the new line.

A new build of the ELAN software is now available on the ELAN Dealer Website (login required). The 8.1.164 software release includes support for the following ELAN HDMI SKUs:

  • EL-4KPM-V66-A1812
  • EL-4KPM-V88-A2416
  • EL-4KM-V44-KIT
  • EL-4KM-V88

Plus, dozens of enhancements and updates. See the Release Notes on the ELAN Dealer Site.

Premium Series

Premium Series

The ELAN Premium HDMI Audio/Video Matrices deliver robust A/V distribution. Features include video support of 4K UHD up to 70 meters (2160p@24Hz 4:4:4 and 2160p@60Hz 4:2:0), an integrated audio matrix, plus simplified integration using the ELAN Configuration Software. The result is a robust solution for even the most demanding installations.

Video Matrix

Video Matrix Series

ELAN Video Matrix HDMI products deliver superior video quality, supporting 4K UHD video up to 40 meters (2160p @ 24Hz 4:4:4 and 2160p @ 60Hz 4:2:0). With industry-leading features and easy configuration, the Video Matrix Series handles the toughest video distribution projects with ease.

HDBaseT Extenders

HDBaseT Extenders

The HDBaseT Extender family is compatible with the new ELAN HDMI Matrices. HDBaseT technology enables extending  4K UHD video signals up to 70 meters (2160p @ 24Hz 4:4:4 and 2160p @ 60Hz 4:2:0).

Seamless Matrix

Seamless Matrix

The 4 x 4 Seamless HDMI Matrix enables display of up to 4 HDMI inputs on a single monitor. Its Video Wall feature easily turns multiple video monitors into a single large-scale image.

ELAN 8 Wins Human Interface of the Year Award at CES


New ELAN 8 Named Human Interface of the Year

We are very happy to announce this award, earned by the new ELAN 8 last week at CES.

ELAN’s strength has always been ease of use, reliability and performance. The new ELAN 8 enhances the intuitive interface and adds voice control through Amazon Alexa, plus powerful new user managed features. These advances were recognized at CES 2017 when ELAN 8 was awarded with the 2017 Human Interface Product of the Year award from the Consumer Technology Association’s Mark of Excellence Award Program Committee. The award was presented on Friday, January 6, 2017.

CTA’s Mark of Excellence Award for the “Human Interface Product of the Year” recognizes the product that best embodies state‐of‐the‐art ergonomics coupled with cutting‐edge technology to make the human interface more intuitive, functional and user-friendly. Each Mark of Excellence award category has a judging team comprised of systems integrators, manufacturers, members of the trade press or industry consultants.

ELAN Transforms Outdoor Space

Synergy Systems Group teams up with builder Den Bosch + Finchley to create the ultimate outdoor party space.

The event lawn’s audio is only one of the home’s 15-zones of audio, which also includes the pool area, outdoor terraces, media room and various locations throughout the home. Beyond audio, Synergy Systems Group connected the home’s thermostats, front gate, security system, cameras, spa controls, lighting, motorized shades and eight zones of video into the ELAN system.

Rob Campol, president of Synergy Systems Group states. “ELAN is one of those platforms that just works, it doesn’t have any idiosyncrasies or ‘gremlins’ that the automation industry seems to be plagued with.”

Click here for more details.

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Kwikset to Merge with Baldwin; Weiser Locks to Take Its Place

As of February, Kwikset will no longer be selling door locks to its Canadian supplier Product Solutions. A marketing decision on behalf of its parent company, Spectrum Brands, Kwikset will instead be merged with its sister company, luxury lock manufacturer, Baldwin. But fear not, Product Solutions will still be selling our remaining stock from Kwikset as well as introducing a new line of top-end automated locks from Weiser.

A lock manufacturer for over 100 years, Weiser knows that “quality and security are an integral part of every product” released and ensures that they “will function properly and provide the added protection and security you expect, [as well as] allow you to choose from a number of stylish products with confidence.”

You can see the whole list of Weiser products and prices on our dealer portal.

Logenex Door Stations: The Latest Line to Join the Product Solutions Family


You can make something cheap or you can make something right. But just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best. Logenex specialises in making something right and Logenex is about making intercom and door entry products better, easier, stronger, more versatile, and better looking.

That first intercom ignited the sale of thousands of TeleDoorBell door entry systems currently available throughout North America. As markets and technology change, Logenex looks ahead to understand where the industry and consumer demands are heading as was the case recently with the redesign of TeleDoorBell. One choice was to pare down the TeleDoorBell, to make a less expensive version but the net result would have cheapened the brand. Instead we created an even more enhanced, intuitive TeleDoorBell that is easier to install, includes even more features, and came up with a fresh upscale design that designers and dealers feel confident recommending when dealing with upscale homeowners.

Spec it, install it, and recommend all Logenex products with confidence.

Yamaha adds first Slim/Compact receiver to the AVENTAGE line up

Yamaha has introduced its first slim/compact AVENTAGE receiver. The RX-AS710 is a 7.2 channel Network receiver that includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MusicCast and a whole host of other network features. The receiver is compatible with 4K Ultra HD HDMI utilizing HDCP 2.2. For more information click here.




SpeakerCraft Creates Dolby ATMOS In-wall Height Channel Module

SpeakerCraft is already winning awards for its new in-wall upward firing Dolby Atmos speaker. The prototype was unveiled at the 2015 CEDIA EXPO in Dallas, Texas last week. The ATMOS 100 module is an interesting concept that allows for installers to create a Dolby Atmos theatre without having to cut holes in the ceiling or add Atmos modules on top of existing floor standing speakers.  The modules will be released next year, along with a line of new in-wall AIMSeries2 LCR speakers. Click here for more details.